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The Future is White by Neko-Vi

I find vision hard to explain, but I gave it four stars because you described what you pictured when drawing this and it fits really well :) it's a shame that the girl is out of balance and should fall over actually; her left foot doesn't reach the floor and her other leg isn't placed in one line with the upper body, it makes it feel unnatural and unstable. Even tilting the drawing a bit more to the right, would make her stand on one leg, rather than being in some kind of inbetween when she's walking. Bending her left leg and leaving more space between the leg on the ground from the one being raised would accomplish a better suggestion that she's walking. The right foot is placed in a strange angle that looks impossible: it's seen from the top while it should be seen from 3/4 of the side. (partially from the side, partially from the top) If her toes are meant to be on the ground, it would make more sense to just bend her boot near the toe area a bit more to create a sharper corner and suggest her heel, being lifted. It's hard to explain but if you would like some more detailed information on this you can ask and I'll show you ^^" it usually works to just draw from a photo to get the correct reference.

The whole idea is not incredibly original, it's sort of a trend to dress like this among musicians and in films. Not sure if it deserves this amount of stars but it's certainly not something exactly the same that I've seen before. So I choose 50/50.

The stylized look works well, minimal shading and especially the shininess on the legs make it all appear very plastic or synthetic, which reminds a lot of how people dress in the future.

It's clear and pretty, futuristic and it has great colors. The little details of the painted nails are nice too. The outfit being plain white, in contrast with the blue hairstyle stands out and makes it look... cold, perfect and probably indicates that this person might be a robot rather than a human!
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